Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snitch ads

This is ominous.
Radio ads are now playing a new advertisement. By Business Alliance Software. Asking you to call in or go to a website and report your company or neighbor or someone you know who might be using pirated software.
The page you go to has a complete form for you to fill in, should you suspect someone is using pirated software. You add your detailed report, and can even chat online with an agent regarding pirated software. All this in complete privacy!  Even secrecy.
Wow, it worked in East Berlin and Russia, no reason it won't work here in America and Canada. Of course they say your name will be confidential unless required by law. And yes, all court cases would require the name of the individual who started the action as evidence and yes all court case evidence becomes public information by law. But that's small print stuff.

This is exactly like what the Recording Industry of America did, when they enacted their actions on behalf of Metallica, regarding downloads of music. And today every single person in North America pays more for their recording tapes and recordable CDs because they've branded us all as midnight downloading criminals!  And who gets that money? Exactly.

Well of course you want to be a good citizen and stop the millions of dollars of lost revenue to software companies. Good. And besides, you get a reward!

But is this the start of something bigger and even more ominous? We'll leave it to facebook to continue gathering cross referencing material for the CIA. But how long will it be before other private agencies begin to gather detailed information from people about other things?  Suspicious things. Ba-ad things.

Do you suspect your neighbor is selling his garden tomatoes without reporting the income as taxable?
Is your other neighbor golfing when he's supposed to be sick on compo?
Does your nasty sister-in-law get all those pencils from her office job?
How did that WallMart guy up the street manage to afford a BMW?
Are those guys hanging around the coffee shop espresso dealers?
What are those Elks Club men really doing in their meetings?
Is your 40 year old unmarried brother-in-law a closet gay?
Did Grandma really win all that money playing Rumoli?

Perhaps these are all people and events that need reporting and investigation. Why should they get away with murder? Or tomatoes even. Will there be more websites set-up for people to snitch on their friends, neighbors and bosses?
Guaranteeing your privacy consequently transmits anonymous power to you if you are in a position to witness the results.
Can you actually make the Stazi appear with Kalishnikovs drawn to drag away the guy across the street at 4 am because he can't account for those BBQ steaks? Screaming in terror while you peek from behind your curtains?
Will there be a proliferation of tattle-tale sites?

Call the Neighbor-did-it hotline today!
Fill out the form at PencilsAreProfits.com.
Send an email to ClosetmenAren'tMinutemen.org.

All with confidentiality. Be a good citizen, report those misdeeds and miscreants.

The reward mentioned is paid by Business Software Alliance, (BSA) 'IF BSA proceeds with an investigation and IF it leads directly to to a successful prosecution and IF it results in a monetary settlement from the accused and IF the requirements have been met, then you will be CONSIDERED for a reward IF you filled out a separate form and ASKED to be included and IF you are not violating an employment contract and IF you supply that contract to BSA and IF you agree that you have no right to contest BSA's sole determination and after all this, BSA reserves the right to determine the amount of your (potential) reward! '

Whew, that small print was small!

Oh wait, there's more - - - BSA reserves its right to deny the payment of a Reward or to revoke the Reward Program at any time, without notice, for any reason.
Whew again. And oh yes, it's taxable so they need your Social insurance number.

Maybe BSA has become the wikileaks of software piracy.
What the hell, report the bastard anyway, you want to see him in fear don't you? Shhhh!


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