Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today in History . . . January 14

1967. A human be-in, the counterculture gathering was born in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This marked the explosion of the so called Hippie movement. This so-called happening became an event worthy of mainstream news and launched be-ins echoing throughout North America. Which became 'sit-ins' of protest, 'teach-ins' organized by students seeking democracy, and 'tune in, turn on and drop out' slid into the Summer of Love.  Love-ins enticed and Laugh-ins, made us laugh.
This event, the be-in, led into the Vietnam war protests, Make Love not War became the international password as some sought to make the world a better place to live-in.
And some of that mentality seems today, to be repeating itself, except it is now expressed in bits and bytes on blogs, facebook and Twitter, from the safety and comfort of our home computers. One wonders how another summer of love could happen without face to face recognition?
The powers that be are still forcing wars on other countries to bring them a distorted version of democracy and make them better places based on a parochial view of what a better place is.  Whether they like it or not.
A generation later the cycle of love and war has only returned to 1967 with a 2011 technological aspect. 
Sadly it is love that has lost the war.

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