Monday, August 15, 2005

User fees?

The latest is that Gordon Campbell is going to start charging you $15.00 a time to visit BC Provincial parks. (rising to $20.) They say they need the money for maintenance. Doesn't tax money pay for that? What exactly DOES tax money pay for?
Remember when Stanley Park started charging parking fees throughout? For maintenance? The Park that Lord Stanley dedicated 'for all'. Anyone else notice that the nice grassy slope you could once sit on to overlook English Bay is now nothing but overgrown blackberry bushes? Where's the maintenance? I don't recall anything in Lord Stanley's speech that said 'for the rich only'.
Perhaps some parks shouldn't be maintained anyway, especially the 'wilderness' parks. Everytime a Liberal MLA makes any announcement whatsoever, I cringe at the hidden agenda lurking behind the toothy smile that will be revealed soon.
Anyone else believe there's a Liberal wolfhound in a back room right now figuring out how they can get away with charging us 15 cents a breath for BC air? (rising to 20 cents)

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