Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Them social worker folks is smarter than us ....

Don't even try to figure it out.
A youth kills another student with the intention of murdering everyone at his school. He gets 3 years, THREE YEARS, for first degree murder and attempted murder. SOMEONE decides to move him to a halfway house. Open supervision. The JUDGE even says he is NOT ready for that. The psychiatrists say he is likely to commit an offence causing serious harm or death. The police say he is dangerous and likely to offend.
SOMEONE makes the decision to move him there anyway. Over-ruling the judge, the police, the psychiatric evidence and any idea relating to the protection of the public!
Now he's gone and announcing that he won't be taken alive. Do not approach this killer.
SOMEONE signed a form somewhere to initiate this situation.

Shouldn't the person who made this decision be fired?



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