Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday traffic jam on 401

Were you caught in that terrible gridlock today, trying to come into Vancouver heading west before the Port Mann bridge? You were? Do you know what caused the traffic jam from Gagliardi Way to 176th Street on the "freeway"?
It was ONE RCMP Traffic cop who had his tripod radar setup in the CENTER of the freeway, in one place where the concrete medians sort of twist apart a bit. He had his car parked in between the HOV lanes and was stopping cars right there. NOT on the side of the road, but right there in the middle of the *#%@& 401 Trans Canada Highway!
What is WRONG with these guys? He was creating his own dangerous traffic hazard for many others! Was his quota so far behind that he was desperate to write tickets? That is insane. Do these policemen not get any guidance? Any training in common sense? Do they think that no one would dare crash into them because they have that uniform on? They need to realise that everyone is not as attentive as they should be, and the officer could easily have been run over.
Besides causing a 20 mile traffic jam, the RCMP should consider the potential of such a dangerous situation.
Too bad I just forgot my digital camera today or you'd have a picture about it.

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