Thursday, February 24, 2005

Canada turns down chance to blow up countries ...

The Americans are floored. Canada announced that it would NOT participate in the US Missile Defence Shield. God help me, I am beginning to like Paul Martin!
The US cannot understand why we would turn down a chance to shoot at other countries!
Americans already viewed Canada as very much involved in the project. They're astounded Canadians don't want to be there to launch a missile strike. Hmmm. Don't we know how much fun that can be? Do they ever look north of their border? Do they ever see that we are not a warmongering nation? Do they ever consider that perhaps, just perhaps, no one wants to blow up Canadians so why would WE launch missiles at anyone else?
Maybe all the rhetoric the Americans are using to call us wimps is working in OUR favour? Maybe all those terrorist countries that hate Americans so vehemently see that the Americans don't like Canadians much either?
Who would we launch a missile strike against? (and don't say Quebec, they're still on our side at last view) And will America carefully diagnose that incoming missile to see if it might actually hit Canada and then leave it be? Would North Korea send a missile toward Los Angeles by the long route over Canada?
The truth is, that any missile launched with the intention of blowing up something in America will more than likely be launched from WITHIN America. Many Canadians see this whole Missile Defence Shield thing as a huge public relations exercise to make middle Americans keep their nose to the grindstone and think they are safe.
Of course they are pissed off with us from Paul Cellucci, the US Antagonizer to Canada who seems to have his nose stuck permanently into our business, to President Bush who thinks we are part of North Kansas. We're expecting Condoleezza Rice to threaten a pre-emptive strike against us at any minute. They have the same old, "If you're not for us, you're against us," mentality, and one wonders if they should try understanding friendship instead of practicing overbearing bullying.
At any rate, the decision to pass on the US Star Wars program is a popular one with Canadians. Now let's see if Martin continues to piss them off by decriminalizing maryjuana?
Ah .... life can be good at times.

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