Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sheila Fraser is to Liberals as garlic is to vampires

Well she's at it again. Finding fault with the control over the taxpayer's money by the Liberal government. And they are cringing. She can't last much longer, can she? Who appoints her? Who could fire her? Would Paul Martin dare?
We had 100 million dollars of OUR money disappeared into the sponsorship scandal, now it seems we have 7.7 BILLION dollars gurgling its way down the drain into secretive foundations set up by the Liberals.

Taxpayer's Question
- Who in the Liberal government set up these 'foundations'?
Liberal Answer - We're not sure who it was.
Taxpayer - Who controls them?
Liberal Answer - We're not sure.
Taxpayer - Can't parliament just get information?
Liberal Answer - We don't think so
Taxpayer - Can't Sheila Fraser find out stuff?
Liberal Answer - She can't audit them.
Taxpayer - Why not?
Liberal Answer - They weren't set up to be audited.
Taxpayer - Can't we see what's happening to our taxpayer's money?
Liberal Answer- Treasury Board President Reg Alcock said he's satisfied with internal audits done by the foundations.
Taxpayer - So they audit themselves?
Liberal Answer - Yes.
Taxpayer - Are you joking?
Liberal Answer - Ahem. No.
Taxpayer - Can't we just withdraw our money from wherever it is?
Liberal Answer - We might not be able to, we're not sure where it is.
Taxpayer - Can we trust whoever runs these foundations?
Liberal Answer - They are independant corporations.
Taxpayer - Set up by the Liberals.
Liberal Answer - Umm. Yes.
Taxpayer - Are Chretien and Guite in there somewhere too?
Liberal Answer - Paul Martin was only in charge of the money. He doesn't know nothing about where it went.
Taxpayer - Hmm. Exactly. Can we trust Paul Martin?
Liberal Answer - He's a Liberal isn't he?
Taxpayer - Thank you very much.
Liberal Answer - Wait a minute, you know what I meant.
Taxpayer - Sure, and I know what I meant too.
Liberal Answer - Just think of Paul Martin as the Daddy looking after his family.
Taxpayer - Exactly, 'cept I don't think I'm part of his family.
Liberal Answer - (mumbling) damn Sheilarmm Frasmermmmn.
Taxpayer - What was that?
Liberal Answer - Nothing.


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