Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I am CANADIAN ... er... what?

Or I am AMERICAN! .... or .... um .... CANAM .... or AMCAN .... maybe MuriCANadian eh? .... or .... yo? or .... ah, something in between?
We know the smooth Belgian Stella Artois will tickle our tonsils on the way down. And no one needs tell us der Warsteiner is German. The Corona Extra cools the heat of salsa and is definitely Mexican. Ole! And could there be any doubt about origin of Kilkenny? Begora, the Irish brew has conjured up many a lovely lass after midnight. And Boddingtons compels us to get out the darts and be English.
Hmm ........... but just what IS Moldsons now? Moors? Coolsons?
There's just something wrong about a beer with no identity, isn't there?,1413,36~33~2684797,00.html

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