Thursday, February 03, 2005

One law for you - one law for the rich. (2)

Well, another example of dual criminality surfaces.
(Read down for the 'Whitney Houston' law.)
It seems the authorities in LA aren't going to lay felony charges against Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress cum porn star. They quoted a lack of evidence in the case. Hmmm .... even though the incident was caught on tape of Paris stealing the video of her own sexual performance which was on sale at a newsstand, while all the time hurling insults at the newsvendor. Perhaps that tape will make the internet too.
I guess the DA wanted a hotel rate on his next vacation. One can hardly imagine the skinny little airhead as a porn star anyway. Wonder if she'll have a red-light room in all Hilton hotels when she takes over the chain? Maybe a mistress room at the Paris Hilton? Could be a money-maker if they make Ron Jeremy the hall porter. Ah, it's a simple life, isn't it?
Don't they charge 50 cents per toilet flush in Hilton hotels?

[always wear seat belts while driving in convertibles. always wear a condom if Paris is in the car]

WARNING: doing a Google Images search for paris hilton sex tape may bring up pictures of Rick Soloman, who now looks scared after having sex with her, President Bush who seems to be saluting her, and a police officer pointing a flashlight into your window and asking how much you've had to drink tonight.

Do I see Leona Hemsley in here somewhere?

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