Friday, February 25, 2005

Obscenity rules ...

Some people consider the rules of obscenity as pictures of bare naked women.
Others think the killing of soldiers with depleted uranium bullets is obscene. (they make the target disintegrate)
Yet others have a new description for the word: Bank profits.
It's not like banks have big research and developement programs, say like automakers, who spend years developing the new model cars and invest millions in safety features alone, because they know the buyer will demand them when that model comes out. Banks have nothing but a little evil-eyed man in a darkened room whose job is to think up ways of sneaking more money out of your account and into theirs.
The Royal Bank of Canada, now prefering to be known by the hip advertising name of RBC, has just anounced profits of 1.43 BILLION dollars! With a straight face. The highest profit figure in Canadian history. The other banks followed close with similar figures.
Have you ever tried phoning a bank and asking for a list of charges that could be debited to your own account? My gawd, if you want to see serious evasiveness, try it sometime. Some liken these arrogant bankers as secretly smirking like those cigarette company execs who tell us how good smokes are for us. Some people think they are obscene. Many working stiffs know what immorality is too.
It's enough to drive millions to Credit Unions.
We envision the bank people as solemn faced when the cameras are around, then in the privacy of their lofty palaces, shouting gleefully with their fists in the air, "Obscenity? Obscenity RULES!"

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