Wednesday, February 23, 2005

BMW factory conversation

In the BMW factory showroom with the newest designed car ready for final approval. Two technician designers, Hans und Helmet ....

Hans: Jah, Helmet, you see ve haf here da new BMW.
Helmet: Oh, Hans, it is vunderful, da bosses vill be zo happy mit dis autocar.
Hans: Helmet, und are they coming now for their first view?
Helmet: Jah. Coming down hallway .... Wait, vas is das?
Hans: (worried) What Helmet, what are you lookink at?
Helmet: Oh My God, Hans, you haf forgotten a trunk on dis new auto!
Hans: (gasping, face flushing) I haf what? (walks around to the rear of the car) Oh NO! There ist no trunk!
Helmet: Hans, I t'ink I hear da bosses comink now!
(Helmet and Hans run to and fro with arms flailing in panik)
Helmet: Dey gonna make us tourist guides at sausage factory Hans! DO somet'ink!
(Hans rushes outside, returns with a bulbous sheet of metal, forces it onto the rear of the brand new BMW. The big bosses arrive, gasp and grin at the frontal beauty of the new BMW. Hans drapes himself over the rear of the car, pretending to hug it. Just as the bosses start to walk around the car, Hans starts wailing with anxiety and fear. The bosses look around, puzzled by the horrible sound. Helmet seizes the opportunity!)
Helmet: Air raid siren, quick into da basement eferyone!
( The bosses rush out of the showroom. Helmet stamps APPROVED on the approval form.)
Helmet: Hans, is that not da trunk lid for your 1978 Datsun?
Hans: (quivering) Ja, Helmet, I haf not'ing in my trunk anyvay, looks very bustenhaltenfarven, don't you t'ink?
Helmet: Ja. (smiles) Start production.

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  1. Anonymous11:24 am

    Very friggin funny! And true too!


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