Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pete Rose and Barry Bonds

Pete Rose cheated baseball. It gave him a wonderful career. He cheated by betting. He says he never bet on his own game. He should never be in the Hall of Fame.
Barry Bonds has been under suspicion of cheating for years. He set records. Or so he thinks. He berates reporters because they won't stop asking about his steroid use. That's behind me, he says, you guys need to move on, he says. Quit asking old stuff, he says. I just want to play baseball he says. Some trainer gave me stuff and I just used it, didn't know if it was steroids or not. I was innocent. I still didn't know when I started gaining all that muscle. I still didn't know when my hair started disappearing.
There should be two sets of records, one for the old time greats who had no access to strength enhancing drugs, and one for these guys who are cheating. Their records mean nothing.
Quit chearing for the cheaters.
Keep asking questions. The first one might be; it is right for athletes to cheat?
Those that do should have NO records recorded.
They should be in the Hall of Shame.

UPDATE: March 19 - after the most recent hearings where most of the baseball players being questioned seemed to regress to naive children whenever steroid use was questioned, and where they all pointed the finger elsewhere, and where they seemed to try to rationalize their cheating, Tommy Lasorda, the venerable manager of the LA Dodgers and a baseball icon, who got fat, thin and fat in front of us all, said if these guys cheated they should all be tossed out of any records books, because it takes away from the REAL players who set the records without cheating!

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