Saturday, February 05, 2005

Liberal sponsorship scandal in Quebec

Don't say I said it, but aren't all of the crooks in the Federal Liberal government sponsorship scandal from Quebec? (notice I said Federal there, because all the crooks in the BC Liberal government are not from Quebec)
Is this something new to you? Can we generalize that Quebec government officials are always corrupt? I didn't say that.
Alfonso Gagliano, sure, sounds Italian but his only connection with Italians is his alleged link with Eastern Mafiosi; Jean Brault; Chuck Giute; Pierre Tremblay; Brian Mulroney; Jean Carle, who admitted to creating a paper trail to hide money! And Jean Chretien's lawyers are continuing the counter-attack on Justice John Gomery by saying his remarks about Carle's recent bombshell revelation are 'inappropriate use of words' after Comery commented that if it were a drug deal, it would be like laundering money. Hmmm, what about inappropriate use of taxpayer's dollars? Of course we should consider Jean Chretien and Paul Martin in there too. (ok an English SOUNDING name but don't believe Martin is anything other than a Quebecker) Those lawyers will be pounding harder to end the scandal inquiry. Does anyone know if they are being paid from taxpayer's money?
Gagliano said he's been wrongly pictured as guilty ever since the scandal erupted, even though he did nothing wrong. (sic) "It affected my family, it affected my career," he told reporters, "It's a year I'm back from Denmark, I couldn't find a job ... "
Aww, poor crook. Oops, did I say the 'c' word again? Aren't there any WalMarts in Quebec?
Wait, is that Brian Mulroney's name up there too? Well he musta done somethin'. Wow, we thought Brian would be in there somewhere, especially since Stevie Cameron (who wrote On the Take) is wondering out loud where he got all his money.
So, it's confirmed then, yes? ... all the crooks in Canada's 'government' are Quebeckers.
I thought you'd agree.

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