Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Barry Bonds 714

no dialogue required ...

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  1. Anonymous7:25 am

    Ruth was The Sultan of Swat.
    Bonds is the Sultan of Sleaze.

  2. Anonymous8:28 am

    The pitchers from the other teams with integrity should conspire to walk him, don't let him hit another ball. He will never be a Babe Ruth.

  3. Anonymous10:18 am

    to Bonds -
    I saw Babe Ruth
    I liked Babe Ruth
    You're no Babe Ruth

  4. Anonymous6:54 am

    This is may 15, he's stuck at 713. He can't shoot up so he's losing his strength. He knows he'll be tested after hitting it.

  5. Anonymous8:37 pm

    The scumball did it, the shame is that already kids in junior leagues are being caught with drugs. And worse, there is usually no testing program for young boy, so they get way into it before they know f all about it. Sport is getting ruined by guys that cheat.

  6. Anonymous11:32 am

    The jerkoff is embarrassing baseball.


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