Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How the Bank of Montreal aids identity theft ...

The BMO refuses to be called the Bank of Montreal because, like RBC Group, (Royal Bank of Canada) they don't want to be associated with 'banks' that post obscene profits each quarter.

But anyway, this is how they are aiding fraud and identity theft, at least here in BC;
. . . Say you sell something you didn't want anymore ... the guy you sold it to gives you a cheque, so quite naturally you go down to his bank to cash it. Besides taking 5 bucks off the top like those shysters cash services down on Hastings street, this is what they do:
They demand your credit card and driver's licence for ID ... THEN, THEY ACTUALLY WRITE THIS INFORMATION ON THE BACK OF THE CHEQUE!
The guy eventually will get that cheque back in his possession and voila! he'll have YOUR credit card number and driver's licence number! At a time when identity theft is rampant throughout North America!
Is this the stupidest policy that could ever happen or what? The women teller who wanted to do this said they ALWAYS do it that way! She also asked for the Social Insurance number!
Is this the kind of bank YOU want to deal with?
Not me either.

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  1. Anonymous7:50 am

    I strongly disagree with this ignorant thought, because Bank Of Montreal is actually helping minimize bank fraud. First, the person who wrote the cheque never gets the actual cheque back, he/she only get the copy of front side of the cheque. Second, the bank is using any two form of ID's not necessary to have Credit Card. Even, if the bank ask for Credit Card they do not write the whole number, but only the type and expiration date.

  2. Anonymous9:30 am

    This also happened to me, at the Bank of Montreal in Langley. So you don't know what your talking about anonymous. And the cheque does go back to the person who wrote it, says the manager.They wanted my social insurance number, so if that doesn't help fraud.....That also is a number you don't give out.Wake up get out in the world, I get my cheques back every month with my statement,what planet are you from????

  3. anonymous;
    The fact is, it is NOT any ignorant thought but an actual instance of what happens. Yes, they're probably minimizing BANK FRAUD, but they are aiding OTHER fraud when they write YOUR numbers on that cheque. When you cash a cheque it goes back to the bank where it was written on, and to that same person who wrote it for their own records. And who is to say that the bank employees can't copy these numbers down and sell them?
    Personal ID numbers are the number one form of identity theft in North America. The bank's ONLY interest is minimizing it's OWN risk and maximizing their profits. Meanwhile they have absolutely no interest in your safety, no matter what hype they have YOU believing.

  4. Anonymous10:09 am

    @ Freedompiece;
    The cheque never goes back to the customer, the bank actually destroys the cheque after they are scanned. After, the new law "Check 21" the bank are no longer allowed to send actual checks back. So, I don't know about you and your comments but you don't hold any credibility. About, social insurance the bank does not accept that as a form of ID.

    @ caterwauler;
    About bank employees, you have to trust your bank, otherwise there is no point of putting money in any bank. Does the people(customer/co-worker) who work with you have trust on you?? I hope they do! In addition, every bank/bussiness in North America records ID#'s as a security not just Bank Of Montreal

  5. Anonymous10:28 am

    Well it's obvious your are flaming BMO because you tried to cash a check without any proper ID. For one, BMO only accepts certain ID's, one being a state issued ID and/or a debit/credit card. They are by LAW only aloud to write the exp. date and the type of card (ie. visa, mastercard) but are not allowed to write the number. As far as the check coming back to it's original owner, impossible, per the new law "Check 21" you only get legal substitutes, NOT the real check itself and only the front of the check. Another part of verification MOST BMO institutions take is calling the customer who wrote the check to verify that they in fact did really write the check. So please stop flaming BMO for something you know nothing about. I'll be waiting for a response.

  6. Anonymous10:35 am


    I get my cheques back every month...
    Try and deal with them without your sin number. Don't be ridiculous the bank of Montreal can't keep the Royal Bank cheques. You don't know what you are talking about.Do you really believe that the banks destroy cheques from business accounts? Not...

  7. Joe, you and the others protecting the "BMO", as it prefers to be called, seem to have no idea what ACTUALLY takes place when trying to cash a cheque. Regardless of what the bank TELLS you, or whatever policy they are selling you, this actually happened to the lady. She presented credit card AND drivers licence to the teller, who promptly WROTE the numbers on the back of the cheque. The customer had to get the bank employee to apply white-out to the numbers on the cheque and she left the bank without cashing it because of her fear of ID theft.

  8. Anonymous10:48 am

    I did have four debit cards, granted they were from other banks, but the teller DID write my visa number and drivers licence on the back of the cheque. I sent this info to caterwaul and it is accurate.

  9. Anonymous12:10 pm

    hmm, this sounds like a teller mistake but as far as I know it is policy to write the driver's license number only, as far as credit/debit cards only the expiration date and the cards maker. If these practices were "aiding" identity theft wouldn't you think some kind of government agency would step in and do something? How is writing a driver's license number down in any way dangerous to someones identity, please elaborate. Atleast BMO takes non-account checks where as some institutions dont accept them or charge. Noone should ever have to use there SS# as a form of ID and the teller should not accept them trust me its not a universal policy.

  10. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I had no problem with her writing my drivers licence down on the back of the cheque,or paying the five dollar charge for cashing the cheque. I did object to her writing down my visa number and expiration date on the back of the cheque and her asking for my sin number.If you are a Manager of the Bank Of Montreal, I would willing give you the branch as well as the employee who waited on me.I went to my bank and explained what had happened, their comment was NO WAY THAT SHOULD HAPPEN.End of story.

  11. Anonymous8:50 pm

    This so called "check 21" is in the USA first and foremost. It is simply a way of aiding banks to make more profits by eliminating their handling of paper.
    It STILL allows you to get your actual physical cheques returned with your statement, you need (of course) to PAY for that service. The banks do not like doing this because it cuts down on PROFITS.
    And to the guy who said to trust your bank: how can you trust a company that has NO research and developement, has their hands constantly into your accounts, and posts totally OBSCENE profits each quarter? Banks do absolutely nothing except handle YOUR money and take some of it for everything they do.
    And Joe, try to read slower, you might glean somethign about the original post. The lady said she used her CREDIT CARD and photo ID DRIVERS LICENCE. If that isn't proper ID what the hell is?
    And Joe, one last thing here about your comment about someone in the government stepping in against the banks ....
    gawd, never mind, you'd never get it anyway!


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