Thursday, May 04, 2006

Olympic King

John Furlong, the chief executive officer of Vanoc, has signed a cooperative agreement with Quebec, premier John Charest announced.
What? Whyever for? asks the Humble Observer.
The agreement pledges collaboration on sport. Sure okay, so what's the problem? Wait. It also pledges collaboration on culture, the French language, economic developement, volunteers and employment, and here's the shocker, training for Quebec government employees! Do you believe it?
Yes I do, says the Humble Observer, because Furlong has declared himself King.
And the Olympic committee has already been accused of hiding the true costs of the Olympics. Vanoc will also open a Quebec office in Montreal. Furlong didn't even tell the Federal government what he was doing. Well whatever for? He is King of the Olympics, why would he?
So, Furlong has created an inukshuk as the emblem for the Olympics. You know what an inukshuk is, of course, it is now the icon of the territory of Nunavut, in Canada's far north, and is used as a marker in the Arctic. Nunavut 2010, be there! Bring your longjohns.
Furlong was also criticized for his Olympic closing ceremony, when he had the chance to show off Canada and BC to millions. Alas, he showed us as ice fishers to the world. Perhaps he'll make it an Olympic event.
Perhaps Mr. Furlong has been reading too much Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King, ...... "and there the matter rests".

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  1. Anonymous7:40 am

    this jerk is f*@%#ing up the whole thing. What's wrong with him? this is going to cost us for the next f*$%@ing century, I am pissed off with Furlong. He shold be fired before he spends any more.

  2. Anonymous12:52 pm

    They are already starting to hide the true costs from us all! The 6 million spent in Italy was not on the cost sheet! I'm glad I didn't vote for these asses, but I'm pissed too that I am going to have to pay for their 2 weeks of glory!

  3. Anonymous7:53 am

    are they going to fire these guys or what. They should do it now and account for the dollars!

  4. Anonymous10:10 am

    Anyone want to take this bet? ___
    Its going to take 20 YEARS to pay for it all.


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