Thursday, May 04, 2006

ICBC rates going up again?

ICBC just announced an 157 million dollar profit for the first quarter. But they just put the rates up? Yes, and they'll go up more too. In spite of large profits. Want to know the real reason why?
Because private insurance companies cannot compete with ICBC. They only get the scraps of peripheral insurance right now. The add-ons. They NEED to have higher rates from ICBC to allow them to compete for basic insurance too.
Gordon Campbell, (oh no, he's not going to blame Campbel again) has too many friends in the private sector, he needs to get the rates up to where the private insurers can get in on those profits too.
Once we all start complaining about ICBC rates he'll allow his private company buddies in to compete against ICBC, and they'll cherry pick all the best accident free drivers and leave us taxpayers with the bad ones.

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  1. Anonymous7:42 am

    you DO blame Campbell for everything, you know, caterwauls. Give him a break. You'd look after your friends too if you were him.

  2. Anonymous8:54 am

    What are you smoking mary??
    O'course its Campbells fault...
    He has ruined Vancouver, now he won't be happy till he screws up B.C.
    Give your head a shake and quit inhaling.


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