Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Eagleridge Bluffs - more sneaky Campbell?

Do we actually LOOK for stuff to confirm the Campbell government's deception and sneakiness? You bet we do.
Consider this little speculation:
Aside from the protesters up there on Eagleridge Bluffs in West Van. Will there be bumper-to -bumper cars travelling to Whistler in 2010? Will folks from Kansas tackle that precarious road in the dead of winter? Why do we even need a NEW road through there for a two week event? Well, let us tell you why.
There are billions of dollars in development land up there. Already owned by someone. We don't know who. But when you want to develop a land area and fill it with houses, the developer must pay to have the roads built to ACCESS his property. To go in and do that at the top of Eagle Ridge would cost millions of dollars! Not to mention that it would have massive resistance by a lot of people to such a PRIVATE development. BUT, if the government (read Gordon Campbell) builds a road through the area at TAXPAYER's cost, the developer then has only to throw in a few access roads and viola! Cool BILLIONS in profits that cost little to achieve.
The Olympics? One of the events you'll be paying for into the 22 century. What a great cover to fill someone's pockets!

Do we think this is sneakiness and deception to aid Gordon's buddies? Do we think there might be something else entirely going on up at Eagleridge Bluffs? You bet we do. Wouldn't you like to see Kevin Falcon answer a few pointed questions on this?
One would almost think that SOMEONE in the present government has a secret bank account somewhere. Maybe we'll check out who went to the Bahamas.
Too bad we don't have any investigative reporters in BC.

Evidently some reporters are beginning to puzzle over Kevin Falcon's motives for the Eagleridge Bluffs route. Some are asking why the cheaper, easier and logical third lane past Horseshoe Bay proposal wasn't considered? Others are finding information and questioning Kevin Falcon's associations. He was involved in real estate. His political contributions come from real estate developers. The community consultant for British Pacific Properties is the husband of West Vancouver Liberal MLA Joan McIntyre. Etc etc.
Do we see a sneakiness here? Is he a Liberal?
You KNOW that eventually, when the road goes through, that Mr Falcon will be saying that we got off easy and only had to compensate British Pacific Properties by giving them free access roads for going through their territory. Then he'll probably tell us what a great job he did.
We'll be watching to see if he flies off to the Bahamas for a holiday.

Some are even looking into the new Gateway project of adding a twin bridge at Port Mann. After a study showed that real estate prices will skyrocket in Abbotsford, Langley, North Surrey and Fort Langley. Most experts including David Suzuki have agreed that adding more roads only fills up the pipeline again, ala Los Angeles, and transit is the only way. Skytrain could easily be built right into the median all the way to Chilliwack but that wouldn't help property values, would it.
One would sort of want to know who has bought what land in that corridor, wouldn't one?

Methinks we might have to start putting BC Government actions under our heading for "Conspiracy Theories" soon.


  1. Anonymous3:01 pm

    I just wonder why there are no good investigative reporters in the Vancouver area. Tony Parson and Bill Good like to show footage of movie clips instead of getting reporters out there filming and digging for real news. Jack Webster was not afraid to say it how it was. We need more people like him in T.V. and radio.Then Gordon Campbell might not get away with so much.

  2. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I know who owns the property, it is owned by British Pacific Properties (yes, the original developers of the exclusive British Properties in West Van). BPP is owned by the Guiness family who received all the land in exchange for helping finance the Lions Gate Bridge. The lots that they are currently developing above the Salmon House restaurant are going for a cool million apiece. And if anyone doubts the motives of the protesters with regard to the environment, then I suggest, if possible, to take a drive up in their current development. The soil is washing away over the road and bears are wandering around wondering what has happened to their food supply.

    I agree heartily that this is a "public / private" project that means the developers (Guiness family) do not have to pay for the access road. Further, they are reimbured by the province for the land at FAIR MARKET VALUE ($1 million per lot?) and I believe that they can sue for loss of property value by the highway going through. Sounds pretty win win to me.

    It is too bad that the protest has been dismissed as a bunch of wealthy NIMBYs. Had this happened anywhere else, there may have been more credibility. (Think Burns Bog)

  3. Anonymous11:35 pm

    This government hides everything!

  4. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Hard to believe folks.

  5. Anonymous9:14 am

    Hard to believe...
    It was on the news last night, telling about the houses to be built up there..We are the ones that will pay for the those roads in taxes..
    The rich get richer, the poor get taxed.

  6. Anonymous3:42 pm

    The Campbell government is no different than one in Nicaragua or any other third world country, in it just to line their pockets and steal from taxpayers. I didn';t think that at first and actually VOTED for these assholes, but when former Premiers speak out against them, and from opposite sides, you gotta know that they are corrupt as hell. But I'll never voted for them again. I'll even work to get them out. They are not working for us, the citzens!


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