Friday, May 05, 2006

Canada Census

If you do your census on line, you'll be giving your private information to Lougheed Martin.
As a result of NAFTA, the creation of the hardware and software for the Canadian census is contracted out to the Canadian subsidiary of the US armament corporation Lockheed Martin.
As a result of the USA Patriot Act and the USA Homeland Security Act, all US companies and their subsidiaries wherever they are located are required on demand (on pain of heavy penalty for refusal), to release to the US Homeland Security all data held. No foreign law (i.e., Canadian) overrides the application of the USA statutes in the USA. Further, the US Patriot Act forbids any company from even telling you that your most private information has been compromised.
Even if you fill out the form properly and mail it in, the scanning software has also been developed by Lougheed Martin.
Therefore, we do not recommend that you ignore the census, only that you do NOT do it online, or when you fill in the form, you write in answers instead of checking the little boxes, and make notations on the form. This will prevent it from being scanned and a real person, a Canadian, will access the information about you.
Lougheed Martin is a huge weapons manufacturer and technology company in America that works for the US Department of Defense, and others, with many divisions including Intelligence, surveillance and reconaisance. Systems integration is one of their strong suits. Their motto is - We never forget who we're working for.
You can be sure it isn't Canadians.

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  1. Anonymous4:07 pm

    No one believes what you are saying, caterwauls, they just laugh at you and think you are in a conspiracy theory mode. And you prob'ly are. The problem is that you are probably right on this one. But let's take it a step further: I think the US is cross referencing every person in Canada AND the USA. This is the essence of the New World Order.

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I believe what caterwauls says.. In fact I'm exactly like caterwauls (can tell by his rant).. 30 something white male living in the burbs, commuting to the bigger city.. two kids, a heafty mortgage, car payments, very little time on the weekends.. bitter about our gov't and the state of our province and generally hate Dubya but still not fully a liberal by nature.. caterwauls represents how I, along with all the other dads in the suburb feel about our gov't, our province and the U.S. Keep shilling it caterwauls .. spread the good word... cladidit will be there to read it.. and cladidit believes it too!

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