Tuesday, November 02, 2004

NHL players

Are you as turned off as I am by the NHL hockey players? Many are running off to Europe and joining other leagues. Is it right that some players who make millions in a year in the NHL go somewhere else and take other players jobs? Many of those players who are suddenly out in the cold would love to play in the NHL but do not have the skills or situation to do so, yet we hear of one player, who held out on his team so he could make 2.9 MILLION dollars a year, now playing in Europe for $500 dollars a week? That 2.9 translates down to about $10,000 dollars a week in the NHL. Hmmm, where is the personal ethic here?
The argument on the players' side seems to be that a player should be allowed to go for what he's worth. Okay, and otherwise he doesn't want to play. Okay. Agreed. BUT, sneaking off to take some lesser man's (correction, change man's to player's, the guy in Europe is NOT lesser. One begins to think the NHL man is lesser) livelihood who is trying to support his own family with his limited skills as a hockey player doesn't say much about class ... or ethics .... or compassion. But then it's only business isn't it? Not really a sport anymore, so we shouldn't have expected sportsmanship.
Or should we?

PS: Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915. They were probably all getting about $5 per game.

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  1. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Maybe if the Players and Owners were not all full of greed, the working man could afford to take his family to a few games through the season.


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