Saturday, November 13, 2004

Advertising silliness ... 1 - Tilley Endurables

Tilley Endurables has an ad running on radio ...
"I bought my first Tilley hat on a dock at Halifax harbor ..."
Did Mr. Peterman of Seinfeld write that? Do they really think taking a Maverick tour to Reno is world travel? Do they really think silly hats are cool? Anyone I have ever seen wearing one of those hats is weird, man, the kind of person who has a CAT sticker on the car. The couple who play bridge on Saturday nights with Bridge Mixture and a smoker as East and a false teeth clacker as West. The guy wears the hat to the wilds of the local arboratum and the woman wears it to Chinatown to get ginger.
Wait a minute ... first Tilley hat? You mean it didn't last? You had to get another?

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