Monday, November 15, 2004

another death during a police chase

Recently a child of 8 was killed when a car being chased by police crashed into another. The mother was severly hurt. A young vibrant eight year old boy was taken from our world while simply driving with his mom. This is nothing short of a tragedy!
Was the police pursuit after a violent criminal? Stolen car? Chasing down drug dealers? After a bank robber with a smoking gun? Terrorists? No.
The high speed chase was in response to a man who had a restraining order against him by his ex-wife, and who appeared at his daughter's school to collect the girl. The wife called 911 and the chaos began. The man was not near the wife.
The police have a lot of questions to answer on this one. The daughter was not in danger. The police had no cause to allow a high speed pursuit. This shows an absolute indifference to public safety in police pursuits and points to a machoism from the policeman involved. Should he have instigated the chase knowing that a child was in the suspect vehicle? He demonstrated a total lack of understanding of the potential dangers and the consequences have been disastrous!
Some would think there should be a manslaughter charge against the officer. The public needs to have a review of the procedures regarding police chases and perhaps the common sense of the officers. One wonders why the media are not asking some hard questions?

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