Thursday, November 25, 2004

Baffin Island Drug dealers

It was pleasantly surprising today to hear former Mayor of Vancouver and former Premier Mike Harcourt talking on Bill Good's show about drug dealers. His proposal would give them a sentence of 25 years for selling life ending drugs like heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamines. He even said he'd put them up there in Baffin Island! He pointed out also, that many of the scourge of drug peddlars haunting our street corners, are illegal aliens, SENT here to sell the drugs coming from wherever. They should be picked up, forcibly deported after an immediate trial, (like within 7 days) What kind of defence can there be if you're caught red handed selling? You either sold the drugs or you didn't. If you did, you're going home to your own country in handcuffs .... or to Baffin Island.
Wow, something I've said for years. The Baffin Island part intrigues me. I've always proposed putting them in a prison above the Arctic Circle. No walls. No locks. Grow your own food when you can. Wash your own clothing. Break your toilet and you go outside to poop. In winter too. The guards merely supervise. If you want to run for it, go ahead. But we won't come looking for you. Miles of permafrost tundra. Ice flows. Dark forest. And best of all, polar bears!
They say the difference between a polar bear and other bears is that other bears think of you as a human .... and polar bears think of you as food. I love that part.
Too cruel? Crybabies crying rehabilitation? Hmm, I say give fair warning, just get the Queen's Printer to print up the new rules and give the flyers to anyone standing on a street corner with that search in his eyes that says he's looking for a buyer. You've seen it. You know who the guy is.
We need to take the sentencing out of the hands of judges who have no sense of the reality of the world. These dealers are ending the lives of hapless young men and girls for the purpose of making their cold blooded bosses millions.
Check out the pictures of the missing women in Vancouver. Those girls were not all scraggy, run down whores to begin with. They were children, treasured daughters whose parents had hopes for them. Someone addicted them. So don't cry to me about how that dealer had a hard life, he's probably ended many innocent lives with his actions. He should pay for it.
They've tried everything else, now try this? What's to lose? Better still, what's to SAVE?
Maybe a young life that would grow up to be productive, vibrant, maybe even achieve greatness.

We NEED to have cruelty for the ones who would destroy our society, to be kind to the others who are trying to live in it peacefully. Papillon went to Devil's Island and didn't do a second crime. A drug dealer goes to Baffin Island and may not be rehabilitated, but he's out of the loop for destroying other lives. If you can't stomach that, cover your eyes and pretend it isn't there. Like you're doing right now with the street corner drug dealers.
Applause for Mike Harcourt.


  1. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Mike Harcourt and you have my vote.

  2. Anonymous10:58 am

    i agree with that. Jock

  3. Anonymous10:59 am

    we should just shoot the bastards on the corners! the police are doing NOTHING!


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