Saturday, March 26, 2005

Goodbye Quebec

When Quebec had its last vote on separation a few years ago, Prime Minister Jean Chretien kept quiet, waiting precariously on the sidelines for the results. He allowed Quebeckers to continue to believe that as a separate country, they'd still have their jobs in Canada; They'd still sell their products into Canada; They'd still use our Canadian dollar; They'd still send MPs to OUR parliament; and they'd still get the largess of our taxpayers money. It was a deadly gamble for Chretien. Canada was barely held together by the slimmest of margins.
Many thank our Native Canadians in Quebec for standing up and being counted, for declaring war if the separatists won the vote, saying they wanted to remain Canadians and would fight for that right. They said this themselves before that last vote - 95% of Inuit are against Quebec sovereignty. In the event of a "Yes" vote on Monday October 30th in the Quebec election, Inuit will not be part of a new country called Quebec. Inuit will assert their legal and aboriginal rights to the region called Nunavik, and take the necessary steps to ensure that the region remains part of Canada.
Some people believe that Chretien had secretly hoped for the separation of Quebec because he would be able to say to Quebeckers that he did not stand in their way to becoming independent and would be seen in effect, as the Father of their country.
It was AFTER that critical vote that Chretien and Mr. Dithers poured millions into Quebec companies under the pretense of glorifying Canada.
Of course if we are aware at all today, we know that the Sponsorship Scandal is front page news right now in Quebec. One radio station is covering the commission's daily events, and its ratings are so high that another has started parallel coverage. The hearing is hugely popular!
Quebeckers are angry. They know the rest of Canada is looking on them like the crooks of those companies who stole money from taxpayers. One company got $130,000.00 for delivering a check from the federal government! Taxpayer's money went into the liberal coffers for re-election. And it goes on and on. The inquiry is finding too many of these instances.
John Charest, the present liberal premier of Quebec is finished. The liberals ARE to blame. There is no separation of liberals from provincial to federal. (Evidenced right here in BC with the shady doings of the federal liberals who were employed by Gordon Campbell's liberal government.) John Charest's government will fall in the next election. No doubt, no contest.
There will be NO voice for Canada in the succeeding Quebec provincial government. The Gomery Commission is inadvertantly throwing fuel on the flames of separatism each day. (Chretien has tried repeatedly to have Justice John Gomery removed as being biased) Quebec separatists will see the opportune time for another vote, and no amount of cash to crooks or maple leaf flags can correct it now. Paul Martin will fall. Charest will fall. Chretien has fallen. They will all retire in Quebec.
Chretien will be the father of his country albeit by malfeasance.
Most countries need a civil war to emerge from. One images the dust clearing and Good standing over Evil. But this is not the first time a country has been born of deceit, lies, conniving politicians and stealthy agendas.
Yet perhaps, if those Inuit in Northern Quebec still feel the same way about Canada, there'll be a war yet.

see below - Saturday, Feb. 05, 2005 - Liberal sponsorship scandal in Quebec

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