Thursday, March 03, 2005

Beamers and Bimmers

Get it right, please, when defining BMW vehicles. Beamers are BMW motorcycles, and Bimmers are BMW automobiles. They are not interchangeable. Even the factory acknowledges the difference.
Don't embarrass yourself in front of auto enthusiasts, especially GERMAN auto enthusiasts.
Beamers have TWO wheels, Bimmers have four. You RIDE a Beamer. You DRIVE a Bimmer. Both are wonderful experiences.
But being a passenger on a Beamer and calling to the controller that you like his Bimmer might cause him to do a wheelie and throw you off. Being a passenger in a Bimmer and complementing the driver on his Beamer might cause him to swerve to avoid another Munich product and cause an accident.
Both UNwonderful experiences.

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