Monday, March 14, 2005

BC newspapers and news.

Just in case you were reading ... although most people I know prefer to get their info from the Web, but those who don't mind their news three days old, might consider the slant of the newspapers they are reading in BC.
So many of these newspapers are owned and controlled by single entities that the intention of what they are writing is suspected to be less news and more instruction. CanWest Global's line up of media for instance, is impressive, or depressive, depending on what POV you are coming from. CanWest Global, the Asper corporate vehicle, is the largest owner of newspapers in B.C. In the Lower Mainland it owns the Sun and Province, twelve community papers, plus papers in Nanaimo and other centres. Take a look at this list:
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Province
Metro Vancouver

Abbotsford Times
Burnaby Now
Chilliwack Times
Coquitlam Now
Delta Optimist
Langley Advance
Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times
North Shore News
New West Record
Richmond News
Surrey Now
Vancouver Courier

Wow, and all influenced by the Asper family ... Liberals through and through. And we're not including radio and television control!
The Metro newspaper is the newest propaganda piece to assault readers in Vancouver. Although the Metro is apparantly going to be targetted on the younger readers, 18 to 49. Rick Camilleri, President of CanWest MediaWorks, said "Metro is a natural complement to the CanWest MediaWorks portfolio of assets, especially in Vancouver, a city that will undoubtedly embrace the Metro concept and product. Maybe. Maybe not.
It's free by the way.
Meanwhile other media sources of information like the Westender and The Georgia Straight, need to be perused carefully for contrasting comment and independant opinion. Just the very fact that Gordon Campbell tried to shut down the Georgia Straight is enough reason to read Bill Tieleman's articles in the Straight.
(Bill Tieleman can now be read in the new paper, 24, also free around Vancouver. )

The Metro says it condenses your news to make it easier and quicker to read. Easier to believe. Easier to promote the political line. Easier to control your thinking. Do you like this comment? - - - "Owners have every right to direct their operations in terms of both content and ideology."Gordon Fisher, CanWest's president for news and information.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to read the Web and Bloggers for my fresh news, I just don't trust these guys any more.

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  1. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Another good post,I don't believe any Liberal papers print the truth. Bloggers rule...Truth will win out..


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