Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Politically correct hockey

The French-Quebeckers are hollaring foul over the selection of Shane Doan to the Canadian World Championship hockey team. It is bound to cause controversy because of the politicians' lust for media space. Doan was said to have murmured a slur against French Canadians several years ago during a game in Montreal, as reported by a French Canadian referee. Doan was cleared by the NHL at the time.

Giles Duceppe, in his vehemence about Doan's inclusion in the team,
says Shane Doan insulted French people. French people are in France, aren't they? Oh wait, I forgot, Giles is talking about his COUNTRY of Quebec. And he is hurt by Shane's ALLEGED remark. Anything to advance the cause, Gilles, got any idea what it's gonna be like when you tear Canada apart?

Stephane Dion is mimicking his 'countryman' in calling out for something or other. But even when crybaby Dion speaks English he needs a translator and we have to remember that Dion is a citizen of France. Jack Layton, the jackal following the big dogs, and seeing a moment of political gain, is crying but no one ever hears him anymore, so we don't know what he is yelping about. Harper says team officials need to discuss why Doan is captain of the team.
We all know that these French Canadians, and I use the term Canadians advisedly, are ALWAYS hurt over this or that. They want real Canadians to do whatever it is they want them to do. (Usually interpreted as giving Quebec more money) However real Canadians simply want Canada to win the World Hockey Championship.
But will these opportunistic politicians get ice time in the media? Will they get their spoiled way? Will anybody listen to their misguided message?
We're not sure but if hockey becomes political, we all know the game is doomed, at least in Canada.
Oh, and speaking of hurt feelings, you might ask a few WWII veterans if they were hurt by Quebec's refusal to participate in the war when Canada was in a grave situation.
Shane Doan should pack up and go home to enjoy his summer and take the rest of the World Cup team with him.
Then we should ask the politicians what's next?


For a copy of the Proud Duceppe pic, just Right click it and choose save as ... feel free to add it to your website or post it anywhere. Maybe we can change Gilles' disgruntledness to pride in our wonderful country. Fier ĂȘtre Canadien.

PS: Shane Doan had more class than all the politicians in the country and stuck with the team to lead them to a gold medal for Canada!


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    typical. ribbit ribbit

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    if ya wanna piss off the separatists stick that picture everywhere.


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