Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Holidays - Hawaii vs Mexico

Hawaii versus Mexico for a holiday.

Water - Hawaii - lots of water and beaches - vs - Mexico - you can't drink the water.
Food - Hawaii - lots of chain restaurants - vs - Mexico - you can't eat the food.
Country - Hawaii - rent a car, drive anywhere - vs - Mexico - don't leave your hotel.
Law - Hawaii - the police are on your side - vs - Mexico - the police rob you.
Life - Hawaii - Hawaiians don't kill you - vs - Mexico - Mexicans kill you.

Hawaii 5 - Mexico 0


  1. Anonymous10:05 am

    Why wait for Ottawa to issue an advisory not to travel to Mexico.
    Just STOP going there. Then they might clean up their police force and Government......

  2. isn't Mexico on some kind of warning list now for Canadians? Like a fly at your own risk area?

  3. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Maybe Mexico should be on our new no-fly list?


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