Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Holidays - Hawaii vs Mexico

Hawaii versus Mexico for a holiday.

Water - Hawaii - lots of water and beaches - vs - Mexico - you can't drink the water.
Food - Hawaii - lots of chain restaurants - vs - Mexico - you can't eat the food.
Country - Hawaii - rent a car, drive anywhere - vs - Mexico - don't leave your hotel.
Law - Hawaii - the police are on your side - vs - Mexico - the police rob you.
Life - Hawaii - Hawaiians don't kill you - vs - Mexico - Mexicans kill you.

Hawaii 5 - Mexico 0


  1. Anonymous10:05 am

    Why wait for Ottawa to issue an advisory not to travel to Mexico.
    Just STOP going there. Then they might clean up their police force and Government......

  2. Anonymous9:37 pm

    isn't Mexico on some kind of warning list now for Canadians? Like a fly at your own risk area?

  3. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Maybe Mexico should be on our new no-fly list?


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