Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cambie Street merchants

Kevin Falcon, refusing to give the Cambie Street merchants a break during the dust, noise and construction devastation of their small businesses, says they'll reap huge rewards once the Canada Line gets going because a hundred thousand people a day will be going past their shops.

I guess Kevin doesn't know those people will be flashing by the merchants UNDERGROUND!


  1. Anonymous12:18 pm

    How can someone be so stupid to say the merchants will reap huge rewards.
    And he is going to get a raise for his stupity? UNBLIEVABLE...

  2. Anonymous3:34 pm

    we should vote on who's the bst liar in the BC Goverment. It would be a tie!

  3. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Kevin Falcon is probably on the take the same as Campbell anyway.


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