Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Joints equivilant to what?

Police raided a warehouse in Burnaby last week that was a marijuana grow-op. In trying to make the import of their bust larger than ever, they are now starting to quote the value of drugs in actual joints. In this case they say 182, 952 of them. They didn't indicate how big those rolled joints might be.
Leaving us calculating people to figure it all out on our own.

Well, for starters we all know that 182 thousand police joints might only add up to a few hundred Big Bob Marleys.
And there's a happiness factor. This amount of BC Bud probably makes 182 thousand people a little more pleasant about their position in life, bleak though it may be in reality, at least for a half hour per. Leading to a total of 5 million four hundred and sixty thousand minutes or 910, 000 person-hours of bliss. That's 3791 mellow DAYS. 10.22 Years! How bad can it be? Do we really want to shut down these places?
Those 3700 mellow nights might be having a puff and playing crib at the kitchen table with your wife instead of being angry at her because you are a failure. Like so what if you want to just sit on the floor and listen to Pink Floyd?
And there's the munchie quotient too. Chips, pretzels, Dilly Bars, corn dogs, Cheezies eaten during a floating hour of meditation. So does a bust like this one result in decreased sales of those products? Damn, is this bad? Right? Er ... or good. What IS it anyway?

Well I suppose there are many variations expressing how big the grow-op bust was, but it goes beyond a hundred Bob Marleys doesn't it? One wonders if busting grow-ops is causing more misery in the streets than the product? One could even think with recent studies in the news, that Big Macs are causing more health problems than grow-ops. And we think way more than 182,952 are served at McDonalds.
Maybe the police need to bust Ronald.


  1. Anonymous10:06 pm

    I can't figure out if you're for or against drugs? You rant one minute against drugs and then bitch because of a pot bust?

  2. Anonymous9:44 pm

    haha love the bob marley comparison


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