Monday, September 04, 2006

Youth Wrestling - creepy or what?

A company called Go Sports Entertainment has been turned down by Langley Township council in BC, on an application to use a warehouse in the district as a studio to film youth wrestling for television. Turned down because of the lack of parking spaces.
Hmm, get this: They film 'youth' wrestlers from 13 to 21, according to an article in the Langley Times, a BC community newspaper. And they BUS in children from all over North America to watch the performances! Up to 350 of them.
Now this is not that wrestling as you see in the Olympics, which builds magnificent character and where the hard training may reward the contestants with a medal. This is called, by CEO Graham Owen himself as "Cirque du Soleil meets WWE and the matches are 100 percent predetermined." Choreographed violence?
I love Cirque du Soleil. But see my post on this blog about WWE on July 6 titled, WWE - rasslin' at its best to read what I think about WWE.
WWE is all about fakery, disrespect, total violence and demeaning women. In my opinion, the guy who watches it is a 63 year old pipe smoking guy who still lives in his mother's basement and the only hard thing in his pants is his gun.
So why do we want children to learn ANYTHING about this form of (ugh) entertainment? Don't you find something ominously creepy about this? Children wrestling, children watching, sold to PPV TV for what purpose? What type of person would PAY to watch this childrens' violence? Who knows. And what parents would allow their children to be bussed there to attend this malevolence? What are we teaching these youth wrestlers? To emulate WWE RAW? Is MatRats really KidVid?
Let's hope the parking stall issue was only a convenient reason for Langley to disallow Go Sports Entertainment the facility. Creepiness as a reason probably wouldn't have done it.


  1. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Go Sports Entertainment calls this 'MatRats' and shows videos of youngsters smashing the hell out of each other. It also says the studios for filming it all are in Orlando Florida or Vancouver, BC.
    I think they are flying under the radar. I wonder what audience they really are trying to reach?

  2. Anonymous12:40 pm

    JJ, I wondered that as well, is this going to be a JonBenet for old men wanting to see young boys in skimpy
    tights. If it tries to come to Vancouver, there should be an uproar from parents, as well as the Mayors office. SICK SICK.

  3. Anonymous4:00 pm

    I think that's why they bus the children into these events, so the local population never knows what they are doing.

  4. Anonymous8:55 pm

    As a parent I am appauled at even the thought that is is going on and possibly in my community...what ever happened to going to watch a soccer game or baseball game with your kids. I will be looking out for this unacceptable behavior in my community.

  5. Anonymous10:17 am

    You will never have to worry about this Go Sports Entertainment ever becoming a reality in Vancouver as Mr. Graham Owen was caught doing something that will keep him from being able to operate a business of any kind for quite some time. "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Bill Mercer, United States Attorney for the District of Montana, announced today that during a federal court session in Missoula, on June 8, 2007, before Chief U.S. District Judge Donald W. Molloy, GRAHAM OWEN, a 46-year-old resident of Calgary, Alberta, appeared for sentencing. OWEN was sentenced to a term of:

    * Prison: 57 months

    * Special Assessment: $100

    * Supervised Release: 5 years

    OWEN was sentenced in connection with his guilty plea to conspiracy to import marijuana and export cocaine.

  6. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Nice write up. I was apart of 'Matrats' back in the early 2000's. It was based out of Calgary. Too bad Graham Owen was really running a drug operation and was using the funds from the 'wrestlers' who paid to be part of the group. (anywhere from $1200- $3500) and nothing in return. shortly after Graham landed himself in prison.

  7. Anonymous4:53 pm

    This whole thread is a joke. None of you have a clue of what you're talking about. Especially the last post, ...please! Talk to the people that really knew this company the guy you're talking about. Ask Natalie Neidhart, Tyson Kid, DH Smith (British Bulldog's son), Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, Johnny Divine, Eric Bischoff, Mauro Ranallo, and a bunch of others that came out of this venture.

  8. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Wow, i googled a friend and found this tripe. Matrats was a legit operation that was anything but creepy and had well known young people involved. It was wide open for scrutiny, very transparent. It wasnt little children like some of you are suggesting. They consider young people to be in their late teens up to mid 20s now...not kids. And the drug charges against him, bogus as well. You people are lemming idiots. Why talk about people you do not know personally...your suggestions are nothing but made up crap. Not all things are as they seem.


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