Friday, September 15, 2006

Islam vs Everybody

Muslims are upset over Pope Benedict XVI's remarks when he quoted from a conversation that took place in Ankara in the year 1391 between Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus and an educated Persian on Christianity and Islam.
"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached," the pope quoted Manuel as saying.
Now Muslims are being furiously stirred up over the quote. They want him to retract his remarks. Is another aspect of Islam to deny the fact of history?
They say that w
estern clerics and politicians are "hostile to Islam." Like duhhh. Does anyone need to know WHY this hostility to Islam is growing worldwide? They say the pope's remarks hurt the feelings of Muslims worldwide and is creating a gulf between religions.
Who IS creating that gulf? Muslim extremists who are killing innocents worldwide? Or people who are faithful to Islam but never utter a condemnation of the extremists savage actions? Doesn't executing someone who sponsored a school for little girls in Afghanistan serve to create a gulf between Islam and the rest of the world?
Will they put out a 'hit' on the Pope for this? Someone has already started bombing Christian symbols in Gaza City. Maybe ask Salman Rushdie where his safe house is. Muslims don't seem to like fiction either.
Many are beginning to believe that WW III has started and it is Muslims against the world.

UPDATE: Sept 18 - MOGADISHU, Somalia -- An Italian nun who devoted her life to helping the sick in Africa was shot dead by two gunmen at a hospital Sunday in an attack possibly linked to worldwide Muslim anger toward Pope Benedict XVI. Sister Leonella, 65, was shot in the back four times by pistol-wielding attackers as she left the Austrian-run S.O.S. hospital at lunchtime. Sister Leonella had lived in Africa for 38 years. Her bodyguard was also slain.


  1. Anonymous8:46 am

    it is world war three. muslims are the ones causing shit to happen everywhere. and this is a religion that dont let women drive or work or get educated. piss on them all, we better win this war! i am now a george bush fan.

  2. Anonymous8:51 am

    If you read that comment that he quoted, it is EXACTLY right even today.
    So what's the big furor about?

  3. Anonymous10:58 pm

    The furor is because the f&$#ing muslims get pissed at everything, it's time we give them something REAL to be pissed about.

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    oh, so true maynard


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