Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drugs - the correct sentencing

JAKARTA, Indonesia. An Indonesian appeals court sentenced four Australian drug smugglers to death, even though prosecutors who filed the petition were only seeking life behind bars, a court official said Wednesday. Scott Rush, Tan Duc Than Nguyen, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman were originally sentenced to life in prison for trying to take heroin from Indonesia's resort island of Bali to Australia last year. Those sentences were reduced to 20 years after their lawyers appealed.In response to an appeal from the prosecution, the Supreme Court ruled that the men would face a firing squad, said Mulyadi, a Supreme Court official who attended the Aug. 16 and Aug. 31 appeals hearings. "The Supreme Court sentenced them to death," he told The Associated Press. The results of final appeals by Martin Stephens and Michael Cjugaj also increase to the death penalty. Three more drug smugglers have since been convicted, and sentenced to death by firing squad.

When are we going to get with the program and stop coddling the scourge of our sons and daughters in Canada? Cruel and unusual? Drug dealers destroying the lives of Canadian youth is as cruel and unusual as it gets. The death sentence seems like a great deterent to me. Actually even humane, firing squad is quick and easy. And the Indonesians make no exceptions, beauty queen Schapelle Corby, the jail's only other Australian resident, and a convicted marijuana smuggler, is serving 20 years for marijuana smuggling, described by her lawyer Mr Ilham said: "She gets more beautiful every day." Too bad.
Do we get the message? Probably not.

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  1. Anonymous8:27 am

    If you do the crime be prepared to do the time. What a way to learn a lesson. I feel for the families of these very stupid people. I wish our judges would be harder in Canada. Maybe then we could start to stop all the drugs coming in and out of our country.


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