Monday, September 25, 2006

Border Guards? Oh Canada.

So if someone wants to attack Canada, all they have to do is tell us they are coming? And our "border guards" will rush off somewhere and hide? Seems like it.
When they shut down the border with Washington State yesterday, it was because they were told that a murder suspect was on his way to Canada on his motorcycle and might try to slip into the lineup with other bikers returning from the yearly Oyster Run. This event attracts about 15,000 riders. Not all from here.
So ... er, if this bad guy was trying to slip into the Canada, why weren't the RCMP stationed there too? Wouldn't someone just ask for ID from the bikers and if they knew the guy beside them? Wouldn't the 'guards' be alerted by California plates on the bike? Even if this bad man had a gun and our customs officials didn't, would he be likely to shoot someone with RCMP there and rush off into the Great White North? Hmmm, logic is unexpected.
Evidently, earlier in the day a car with California plates ran the border. No one said anyone went after that guy. No one even said they got a plate number. Why wasn't the US Border Patrol at their side watching? They know how hard it would be to extradite they guy once he got here.
And if this here bad guy was trying to 'slip' into Canada, wouldn't he try to be meek and mild, and deceptive? Did they think he'd come through with guns blazing ala Arnold Schartznegger?
Seems very smelly to me.
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee .... well, unless you are a bad guy, then we run for cover.

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  1. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Just another reason for the USA to laugh at us Canucks..

  2. Anonymous9:32 am

    Give them their guns so they can shoot a few and get it over with. They'll feel better then.

  3. Anonymous9:12 am

    Can you imagine US border getting a message saying a dangerous Canadian was on the way? And their reaction to that?


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