Thursday, August 03, 2006


Some powerful and knowledgeable people have said we are in the opening stages of World War 3. There is turmoil and underground wars throughout the world. We are living in dangerous times.
Iraq is at the heart of the present problems. And all because George Bush wanted to avenge his father's humiliation at the hands of Saddam Hussein. The best thing that could happen today would be to reinstate Saddam and depose George. Not so silly. At least Saddam was able to control his own population. Perhaps he understood them.
We have the military might of the USA being defeated as we speak. Their generals are all of the same breed. Fighting an open war, tank against tank, soldier against soldier. Battlefield strategy, Patton style. The hierarchy clearly defined.
But that is not the kind of war that goes on today. These generals attend Senate committee meetings daily and their message/realization/outlook plunges into gloom. They can't figure out the enemy. The can't even identify the enemy! But these enemies of democracy have got it figured out. They learned the lessons well when the communist Viet Cong drove America from Viet Nam. America, in spite of the spin, seems to be losing in Iraq. With a far more dangerous Iran waiting to join in.
The American military has already been driven out of Lebanon. Yet they expect the Israelis to progress against Hezbollah. This kind of fighting is abnormal too, Hezbollah has no country, what ever they do in Lebanon they are winners in the minds of the people, most of whom hate America. And in general the consensus in the Middle East in that Israel must be obliterated.
In Afghanistan it is the same situation. A fight against a mysterious enemy who is slowly taking back their country in spite of the free world's efforts. The Russians were driven out of there.
Indonesia, Pakistan, India, the Phillipines, Africa, all face a similar plight.
It seems to many that the coming war is about Muslims against the rest of the world. WW III may be beginning, and the outlook for a world democracy is dim and bleak. The World Trade attack. The London subway attack. And who knows what lies in wait from insidious people already resident in the free democracies. Invisible people waiting for their call to arms. How do you fight against a citizen who walks up to you with a grenade in their belly and has just pulled the pin?
We cannot understand their thinking and motives. Because we live in a better world.
But we need to figure them out, and soon. Our better world is vulnerable right now.

UPDATE: Aug 7 - It seems that the Lebanese government has a major decision to make; that being whether they accept Hezbollah as their military arm or not.
If they do not, it is time that they made their intentions clear. They must condemn Hezbollah as a foreign organization making war within their borders. If it is not their intention to be part of that war they should join with the Israeli Defence Force in ejecting these foreigners from their homeland.
If they do back Hezbollah, as they seem to be tacitly doing, then it is time they accepted that they are at war with Israel and suffer the consequences without crying innocence. Those results might be the same as America inflicted on Iraq in the 1991 war, the complete destruction of their infrastructure.
Lebanon cannot play the fence sitter here. Either ask the UN for help in recovering their country or let it go completely to terrorists.
The option seems clear.

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