Friday, August 25, 2006

Some things make ya just wanna throw up

Well the Bank of Montreal, trying to disguise itself as BMO, announced their THIRD QUARTER profits - 704 million dollars.
TD, not mentioning that they are the Toronto Dominion Bank, with a straight face mimicked BMO closely with a 790 million dollar third quarter profit.
RBC, which some of us old timers used to know as Royal Bank of Canada, before they got so embarrassed by their profits, grinned in the finest greed tradition as they rose to 1.18 BILLION dollars in profit. Also for only ONE quarter of the year.
I'm not waiting for Scotia Bank or any others. (Excuse me a moment, I have to run back into the bathroom)
One wonders how Canadian banks still fend off American banks coming into Canada for a competitive share, perhaps because the government gets paid off somewhere?
Sickening, isn't it? And this is only one quarter of the year!
Who's got their hand in YOUR wallet?

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  1. Anonymous5:41 am

    Came across your blog entry today re bank profits. You may find the recent blog entry (on this topic) on the Witsterblog of interest .....

  2. thanks witster, I like your blog too!

  3. Anonymous4:05 pm

    just don't you throw up inside the bank, they will add a dollar on everyone's account to pay for the cleanup!


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