Friday, August 11, 2006

Picton trial

Isn't this what we thought?
The Willie Picton trial is about to commence by year end. They've dropped 20 murders from the list, choosing to prosecute only 6 at first. One can understand this tactic from the prosecution because if something goes awry in the first trial, they'd have backup charges. And they say the trial of 26 murders would be much too complicated for jurors to keep track of. Not to mention that the charges are first degree murder, which means the prosecution must prove Willie Picton, by himself, murdered those poor girls and had that intention when he lured them there. No one else is charged as an accomplice yet no one believes Willie carried out these horrific crimes on his own.
However, they are now discussing reasons for keeping the trial procedings away from the public. Secret. They SAY because the publicity could influence those future trials.
WE say it is a good way to keep it closed forever. The secrecy COULD be because someone may be desperately afraid of the consequences of the testimony of witnesses. Witnesses who COULD reveal names and information that COULD implicate certain prominent people who should never be mentioned in connection with the Picton party house and the tragic deaths of so many women.
It has been said that many visitors to that party house, which is allegedly said to have been full of drugs and prostitution were prominent members of greater Vancouver society; doctors, lawyers, executives, even policemen, judges and perhaps mayors? Speculation and rumours? Sure.
We hope media lawyers are strong on this one and argue for complete public access to the whole trial.
If it is conducted in secret it will be bad for truth in justice and can only lead to more speculations, rumours and suspicions.
Hell, we suspect already!


  1. Anonymous8:16 pm

    you aint the only one man.

  2. Anonymous6:25 pm

    i believe something is going on with this trial, but we'll never get the true facts. No big shot wants to be named or implicated in this deal. But you're right, Willie didn't do all that shit alone.

  3. Anonymous9:43 am

    Picton will go down for it. Count on that. The REAL players will remain secret. It won't be justice for those girls.


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