Thursday, August 24, 2006

Survivor - playing the race cards

The 13th season of the reality tv series "Survivor", filmed on the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands - will start with teams split according to race. The host of the CBS show, Jeff Probst, said that being on the show was a social experiment and this will "add another layer" to the experiment. They will be Black, White, Hispanic and Asians. Against each other.
Another layer! Are you serious?
Anthropologically speaking, there are three races, the Caucasoids, the Negroids and the Mongoloids. Hispanics would usually be classified as Caucasians. Well whatever.
So does this mean if I am black, I can now cheer for my team, the Blacks, to murder dem bums the Whites? Can Asians yell at the ineptitudes of the Hispanics with glee as gai jin dumbells? What will those good ol' boys from Texas be calling the black people? "Come on Caucasoids, win the game against the Negroids! Jolly goood shot there White man, right between the eyes."
I think not. This is going to go way past the Marquis of Queensbury rules.
The slang dictionaries don't even start to list the terms available, and now, with this TV show of race against race, those who watch can legitimately cheer the 'sport' on while innocently shrugging at their own terminology. Or terminological inexactitudes, as Richard Nixon might have put it. I decline to ponder the possibilities for team names.
So we're having a segregation of races now. No token blacks on the white team. No whites in Harlem. Hispanics stay out of the Forbidden City.
The potential for race war is endless.
But wait, it's only a TV show. Set up, written and choreographed for sure. Why else would people pick the 65 year old school marm over the Navy Seal to kill the alligator? And they have 300 people on set location for the shoot. And rehearsals. And alligator wranglers. And Kraft services just out of camera range ... oops, you're not supposed to know any of this.
"CUT! Now Billy-Bob, you can't call him a F%@#$ N*&$%!, and Chang, NO Machettes on set, you've been told that. Alejandro, what are you smoking now? Can we roll again? No that's not what I meant!"
A social experiment.


  1. Anonymous9:45 am


  2. Anonymous1:28 pm

    lots of people going to watch this idea closely

  3. Anonymous2:03 pm

    You gotta believe this is totally preplanned. What's gonna happen if the white people beat ALL the other ethics?

  4. Anonymous11:47 pm

    anonymous for sure - hope the white guys win.


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