Friday, February 03, 2006

Tolls - Back to the Forties?

Our economy in BC is doing great. Gordon Cambell and his Liberals keep telling us. We've turned it around from the ba-a-d NDP, BC is now leading the world in economical progress! Everything is wonderful here. Hmmm.
But wait, we are going to get TOLLS on the new Port Mann bridge. Two dollars and fifty cents each way! We are going to get TOLLS on the new Golden Ears bridge. We are going to get TOLLS on the Richmond circle road. We are going to get TOLLS on Highway #1 between Coquitlam and Langley.
We haven't had tolls on BC bridges since W.A.C. Bennett abolished them on the Lions Gate bridge! That was way back in 1963!

ICBC is going to raise our insurance rates by nearly 7% in spite of the huge surplus the corporation usually shows, an average $38.00 each, the NDP held the line on insurance rates. The suspicion is that Gordon wants the rates higher so his private insurance company buddies can compete.
We are about to implement off shore oil drilling, in spite of environmental concerns. In spite of the freeze the NDP put on it.
The Olympic program is so far mismanaged over budget the Liberals won't even tell us what it is!
The Fast Ferries are about to be reincarnated as competition to BC Ferries!

It seems to me that the Liberals are still trying to blame the NDP for everything financial but one must consider that any over-costs of NDP management were from programs aimed to benefit the PEOPLE of BC. The problems with money management of the Liberals are because they are catering to rich shareholders who may be in any other country BUT BC.
Methinks Gordon Campbell's economy might be doing great, but the people of the province are about to be hit hard again to allow it. When does a government start working on behalf of the people instead of against them?
It looks like a duck to me.

UPDATE: Kevin Falcon now says the tolls will be $2.50 each way in 2005 dollars on the new Port Mann twin. So expect more like TEN dollars each way once the bridge is completed in 2013! And the way they'll collect this toll money is by a transponder in your windshield. No mention of who PAYS for this high tech, or that they'll be able to keep track of exactly WHO crosses that bridge and when.

UPDATE2: Shame on Kevin Falcon for constantly using W.A.C. Bennett's name while double-talking us! Mr Falcon needs to know that WAC Bennett built this province for British Columbians! He used British Columbians' skills and expertise in everything he did. He was a Social Crediter, NOT a Liberal. Gordon Cambell turns his back on British Columbians at every opportunity and is dismantling all of WAC Bennett's proud province. Falcon trying to sneakily attach Gordon Campbell onto WAC's long gone coat-tails is ridiculous and repugnant.
To paraphrase a famous comment: '
We knew WAC Bennett, We worked with WAC Bennett, you're no WAC Bennett.'

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