Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hockey: Theory, Speculations and Rumours

So, aside from what the real truth is, and what is yet to come out about the NHL gambling story, let's look at some ideas of what COULD have happened. Lots of people say let 'em gamble! What's that hurting? It's only a bet. Well ....

Theory: Anything to do with gambling coming out of New Jersey is mafia oriented. Those two patrol cops are just front guys.
Rumour: Jaromir Jagr gambled over $500,000.00 dollars while at Pittsburg.
Speculation: Could he have bet on his own team to lose? Then engineered it by playing poorly?

Theory: You don't have to 'throw the game', nor does anyone much have the power to do so ... BUT, you CAN 'shave' points.
Rumour: Jaromir COULD have just missed the net with his own shots on a given night, and he COULD have made his passes to Mario Lemieux just a little off.
Speculation: That's why Mario Lemieux publically criticized Jagr for not playing up to his best in that last year before Jagr got traded.

Theory: Gambling on sports can't hurt anything really.
Rumour: When the mafia has you as a professional athlete into them for hundreds of thousands of dollars, they'll tell YOU who's going to win the next game and what the score will be.
Speculation: What if it's MY team that lost the big one by 4 points? Not because of honest losing effort, but because someone was 'in for the fix'?

[This is total speculation on an imagined situation. No reflections on Mario Lemieux or Jaromir Jagr, only a theory of what COULD happen when gambling becomes intricately involved in professional sports.]

Watch out for guys in black shirts and white ties around the dressing room, they're not the team trainers.

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  1. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I think Janet is the one that should hang her head in shame. Wayne has always been above reproach, and for her to do this to him is terrible.
    Maybe she has a drinking and gambling problem? Feel sorry for her kids. Too much money and to much time on her hands. Maybe she should look into charity work....


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