Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ambassador to America

Prime Minister Harper has appointed Michael Wilson ambassador to the U.S. They say this is a good thing because Wilson was one of the architects of the Free Trade Agreement in the Brian (crook) Mulroney cabinet. Hmmm, 73% of Canadians think that agreement has no effect whatsoever on them. Wilson will be the man to solve the softwood lumber dispute, they say. Seems we've already solved that to me, we've won every argument in the international arena because we're right. Of course America only wants a separate treaty outside of the NAFTA because they can't compete, that's what they've wanted all along. Look for Wildon to give them what they want and watch everyone laud him for giving in.

Michael Wilson was also finance minister for Mularkey, er Mulroney, the same job Paul Martin had with Jean Chretien. The same job where Brian became one of the richest men in Canada and Wilson doesn't know where the money came from. The only difference is Martin didn't know where the money went. Wilson also gave us the 7 percent goods & services tax.
Everything's right on track with the government of Canada against the people of Canada.
Ho hum, same old same old.

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