Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In case you didn't get it ....

Here's what David Emerson is going to do - He's going to go and negotiate with the Americans on the softwood lumber deal. Then he's going to come back and announce that we got a great deal, they got our five billion dollars and try to sell his 'deal' to us.

Here's what Emerson doesn't seem to get - The Americans have been waiting for us to negotiate a SEPARATE deal from NAFTA all along. It is exactly what they want, because they cannot play by the established rules.

Here's what the public doesn't seem to get
- There is no need to negotiate DOWNWARD from a deal that we already have and win every time in the world court.

So by David Emerson having no mandate from the voters, he is going to single-handedly destroy everything we have with NAFTA regarding lumber when all we have to do is hold the USA to the deal THEY signed. They need to honour their contracts. There is a time we need the guts to stand up for what is right. No matter how it hurts us in the short term. There ARE many other markets out there and we needn't take the easy way at the detriment of the Canadian lumber industry.
In spite of what is being said by some, Emerson is NOT the man for the job. The attitude of Canada should be that we are right and we'll hold to our principals. Any negotiation defeats the purpose of future treaties as well if we cannot trust in them.
No one believes Emerson shares our principals.

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