Sunday, February 05, 2006

Border Patrol

The US is about to start a new patrol along their border with Canada at Saskatchewan, Alberta and Montana, Blackhawk Helicopters and planes will patrol to watch for terrorists, drug runners and illegal immigrants. Using Sept 11 as their excuse. (again)
I suppose the Minutemen will camp out along the 49th parallel too, just to 'help out if needed', like they are doing in BC near Bellingham. Of course, Sept 11 has allowed them to read every email and fax you send, listen to every call you make, and investigate whomever they want without legal search warrants.
Why don't they just build the wall that Pat Buchanan promised a few years ago? I think Americans are still getting out.
Coming soon to a border near you, 'Top Gun' and 'Men in Black', just make sure you shave clean, don't puff anything and say nothing in Spanish.

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