Monday, February 06, 2006

Integrity? Where?

I guess we shouldn't have expected it. I guess we should no longer expect it from anyone. Doesn't it make you wonder where the morality of politics are though? Didn't David Emerson believe in the Liberals when he was running? If not why did he run for them? No integrity.
Then he got in as a Liberal after many people helped him. Again. He deserted those people before their campaign office seats were cold. Integrity?
The spin is that Emerson will be great for BC because he has a background in big business, head of Canfor. Powerful. Hmm, not influential or powerful enough to thwart the softwood lumber issue. Sorry but business ethics are about as far from integrity as one gets.
We all thought David Anderson would look out for us Westerners too. He allowed the destruction of our wild salmon fishery without so much as a whimper into his beard! Remember Edward McWhinney? The professor with a huge list of letters after his name? So respected as a parliamentarian BEFORE he got elected, then treated us like bedbugs once he got to Ottawa. His integrity got flushed off the plane on the way.
The NDP wants a rule that if you are going to cross the floor you have to call a byelection and run again for your new party. Cross the floor? Emerson hasn't even been ON the floor yet in this parliament! He's not doing it for the prestige or money, David Shreck argues, he's a dedicated servant. Sure, dedicated to power, one of the underlying stealth tenets of politics. The allure.

Well there IS hope yet ... the Liberal turncoat will be in charge of the 2010 Olympics. He might win over a few if he can shut down the Gordon Campbell overspending frenzy.

But beware, any politician who is seduced by the enticing siren of power needs to be watched. More corruption looms in David Emerson's shadows.

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