Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Illegality in the music recording industry

The recording industry in America jumped on all the peer to peer networks because of what they deemed as 'illegal' sharing of music files over the web. They shut down many portals, including Napster and WinMX. These bad guys were taking money right out of their pockets. And the poor artists were losing millions.
Except a lot of those artists were accusing the record industry of ripping THEM off, never mind the consumers! So now it turns out the recording industry is being investigated because of their own illegalities, including giving radio station people expensive gifts to influence playlists and price fixing of wholesale digital music files!
Hmmm, so they jumped on the others so they could get right back to their own 'illegal' activities?
Crooks don't like to share, do they.


  1. Anonymous10:53 am

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  2. Anonymous10:55 am

    You know how they have that 'surcharge' on CDs and blank tapes? Thats there because so many people are downloading free music and burning it to CD. These guys got their way to make even MORE extra bucks. So even if you don't download and burn, YOU are paying for those who do! So, the surcharge becomes your LICENCE to download free music. So go ahead and download like crazy, it is something you are paying for already.
    moozic lovr


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