Monday, January 30, 2006

Willie Picton trial

The voir dire part of the Willie Picton trial begins today. Already infamously known as Canada's worst ever serial killer, Willie's trial itself might begin within six months. The families are waiting for closure of the constant nagging grief since their loved ones went missing. Picton is charged with 27 counts of first degree murder of sex trade workers and other women.
This part of the legal action cannot be reported to the public, but some people believe they already know what will happen - Willie will be found guilty and be sentenced to life.

However there are others who believe something else ...
Did this odious character Willie actually lure those girls to his pig farm to murder them?
Did he really drive all the way downtown and pick them up from the street to take them back there? Or did someone else do that for him? For another reason? Was it Willie's intention to murder these women? Or was he simply given the task of destroying their remains after the fact? If these girls came to a drug and sex party for dollars at the Picton party house , how did they come to be murdered after attending? And why? Prostitutes are famous for zipped mouths. How DID they meet their violent end? Was anyone else involved? If so who? Will the true evidence ever be heard? Will the true story ever come out?
Will we ever know WHO attended those parties? Were there high profile people there who might know something? Who are they? Why would women be taken there to perform their 'duties' and then be tragically murdered? One woman got away, where is she? What does she know? Will she testify or is she long gone or even dead now?
Websites in North America are already speculating on what went on at the Picton farm, including the idea that someone was making 'snuff films' there. That biker gangs might have been involved. That Dave Picton was involved. That drug dealing was free running. That prostitution was part of the parties. That policemen, lawyers, city counselors, even mayors, politicians and high flying movers and shakers were there and might have explicit knowledge of these women and possibly what happened to them, and why.

What to expect?
Expect Willie to be found guilty and get a long sentence. Without all that damning truth to be exposed. Too much at stake for too many of those secret high flyers. Better for the police to pile on the unsolved cases and sweep them away. The families deserve more but even they seem intent on just getting Willie convicted for this. The disappearances and murders of women go way back to 1971. Close everything you can.
But - have a look at Willie Picton in some of the few pictures and ask yourself if he did this all alone? Is he bright? Persuasive? Man about town? Attractive?
Expect the trial to be much swifter than they are telling us. It won't be about learning the truth, there are just too many implications in the truth, better for all to have it go away quietly.

But, once again, you could also expect the unexpected. There will be a publication ban for Canadian reporters on this case. The American media might respect it, depending on what sensations are revealed early. However, the bloggers of the world have become increasingly irritable when someone tries to get away with something. Blogs may prove to find more truth in this case than the law courts.
Over 60 young women have died. It took the police over a decade to even see the pattern, it's now time the legal system did the right thing, no matter who goes down in the process. We owe truth and justice to these girls.

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  1. Anonymous1:05 pm

    I just hope all the people that were responsible for these girls deaths, are named. If they include Judges, Police, Hell's Angles, Politcians so be it.
    Willie could not have acted alone in this horrid affair.
    Let Vancouver show the world we will get to the bottom of this.
    I hope the reporters start digging deeper and not be afraid of the truth.


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