Thursday, January 05, 2006

The ecomony and you

A recent survey of Canadians discovered that 73 percent of us believe the economy is strong. Just like Paul Martin and Gordon Campbell keep telling us. That's good, right?
But wait, the same survey revealed that only 10 percent of those same Canadians think that that same booming economy will benefit them in any way.
So who is cashing in on this largess? You already know, don't you. Of course, all those foreign companys that moved into Canada under the Free Trade Agreement. The main benefit of our wonderful economy is judged on the balance of trade, meaning it REALLY doesn't help you or me one iota.
It helps 'business', and you can filter that idea down to the 'shareholders' , those few elite that are able to use their dollars partaking in the economic boom.
The real effect of our so-called booming economy isn't making Canadians' wallets any fatter, no matter what spin Martin, Campbell and the rest of the smooth talkers put on it, the real effect is indifference to the message.

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  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    if you ask me the whole country has gone down since NAFTA. It's only for American corporations


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