Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Military in our cities

The latest attack ad by the sleazy people who write the Liberal Party's campaign ads threatens that if we elect a Conservative government, we'll have Canadian army troops in our cities ... with guns, they ad with a sinister suggestion.
Are they trying to send a message that there could be a coupe? In BC we lost the presence of Canadian troops in Chilliwack due to cutbacks. Those troops would have been available in any emergency affecting the Lower Mainland. Earthquake, flood, terrorism. The nearest Canadian army help to British Columbians now is Edmonton.

But the point of the advertising by these twist-the-truth back-room hack-attackers is that our Canadian miliary is like some third world country army or a dangerous military force that is scary and secretly guided.
I for one, TRUST our Canadian army. Our troops are well trained, well managed and well intentioned. I am proud of the roll they play around the world where they command respect and admiration because of the job they do with the resources they get.
Having the Canadian army in or near Vancouver wouldn't twig once with me a bit, I would welcome them in our midst and feel safer with them there. In fact I would say the Liberal hack-attack writers and producers have seen too many thriller fiction movies. They need to get back to their XBox shoot-em-ups and get out of the political arena.
My view of our Canadian military isn't scary at all.


  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    what a crock of shit for that asshole Martin to malign our guys in the military! He deserves to be kicked out on that alone!!!

  2. Anonymous3:35 pm

    that's exactly what we are about to do

  3. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Hope so.......


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