Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Questions I'd like answered before Jan 23rd

Health Care - If 'private for profit' health clinics expand, will they siphon off funds from the public health care? For instance, the new Copeman Private Health care in Vancouver, which you pay $2300. to join and $200. per month fees, advertises that they have 50 surgeons available. Are those surgeons also working public hospital operating rooms? Will any of these 50 surgeons be available to you and me? Do those surgeons get paid more for operations by Copeman? Do these private clinics expect to start getting CARE card members into their clinics? And if so will they charge the same price as the public care for the same operation?

Crime Rate - When our criminal trial judges sentence our bad guys with guns to wimpy sentences, and our politicians say they will legislate mandatory minimum sentences, will our politicians have the fortitude to change the Canadian Constitution to OVER RULE judges who are now controlling parliament instead of the other way around? Will they have the balls to set rules so that a criminal who uses a gun in the commission of a crime will abrogate his Canadian rights?

NAFTA - Will anyone in government have the jam to consider Canadian sovereignty as an issue when dealing with other countries and their unilateral interpretation of what free trade is? Will anyone DARE say, "This isn't working, we're getting out and selling our lumber, wheat, gas and water to China."

Environment - Will anyone consider the welfare of animals over the interests of money? As the Grizzley bear in Alberta is being considered for endangered species status, will anyone intervene to stop rich foreign hunters from entering our country for trophy hunting?

Buying Government stuff - Will anyone handle government purchases like they do in good private management? Like when we are going to order military helicopters, why can't we order TWO of them to test them? Why do we always have to order 200 of anything? Because someone is lining their pockets? Are we going to get something back on those broken subs?

Western Alienation - Will any party address the issue of Quebec getting 3 times as much of Canada's largess as any other province? (for example - Culteral - British Columbia = $43 per capita - Quebec = $149. per c) Will anyone even ADMIT that Quebec gets huge amounts of taxpayer money compared to the rest of us?

Candidate promises - Will any politician EVER admit that whatever he tells his constituants he will do will have no effect whatsoever because the party will decide what he says when he gets to Ottawa?

Government - Will any politician EVER get fired and properly humiliated or jailed for corruption, treason, mismanagement or just plain stupidy? [sorry, I slipped, this is such a hypothetical fantasy question that no reasonable voting person could expect an answer to]

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