Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NO to Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has become recognized as a leading destructive economic power in the US and abroad. Where it establishes stores, other retail stores are forced to close, wage and benefit rates for workers are lowered in the area, the rights of workers to organize are abused, and local communities have to pick up the costs of these abuses in many different ways. In the face of these revelations, Wal-Mart has launched an aggressive public relations campaign to create the illusion that the company is a source of good jobs and benefits for workers and communities and a good corporate citizen.

This is from a Chicago based website fighting to make Wal-Mart become proper corporate citizens. Check out Wal-Mart on the web, you'll get endless sites where people are struggling to stop the aggressive and destructive march of the uncaring giant retailer from the Dark Side.
Just a few links;

Chicago wants realistic rules -

A Class action lawsuit against sexual descrimination of employees -

Another unionized store shuts down abruptly in Quebec -

... in YOUR neighborhood?

Vancouver voted out the Wal-Mart application. Campbell River just turned down a Wal-Mart too. New York city has declared itself Wal-Mart free. Everywhere people are fighting the juggernaut. Perhaps we should be proud of declining the spurious advances of the retail Darth Vader instead of being upset about it.

Now where did I put my light-saber?

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